The Association is fully conscious of our responsibilities in the economic and social progress of our country. We play important roles in the promotion and development of tourism in the Philippines.

This organization is open to all hotel and restaurants, and other similar establishments. If you are not a member yet, you are missing a lot of opportunities. Being a member will save you valuable time and money.

Be a regular member or allied now.

Regular Members

1) Duly licensed hotels, resorts, apartelles, pension houses, and transport establishments with accommodation facilities and/or foodservice facilities;

2) Duly licensed restaurants, clubs, pubs, bistros, music lounges, catering and quick-service establishments and similar establishments that provide foodservice facilities

Provided that the REGULAR MEMBERS are represented in the Association by the OWNER or his duly designated GENERAL MANAGER.

Allied Members

Suppliers of hotels, restaurants, resorts, inns, clubs and similar establishments and entities and persons whether juridical or natural who have great interest in the development of the hospitality and tourist industries.